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Drinks on the Bus

DO NOT ARRIVE AT THE BUS DRUNK and do not assume drinks will be allowed on your bus until this is clarified with our staff. The limit, if allowed, is 2 standard size (375ml) drinks per person (STRICTLY NO GLASS) from the pick-up location only – as they board the bus (no bulk loading of drinks). In any case, ice buckets (eskys) and open cups are not allowed. No drinks will be allowed off the bus at any time during the event. Open cups (even plastic ones) are not OK. Drinks are not allowed on Flat Rate Charters, the ‘NightClub Hopper’ or School Formals.

Entry at Venues

NightClub packages that include VIP entry are subject to police operations and temporary lock-outs. Entry at each venue is at the discretion of venue staff and normal entry requirements including:

  • Being sober,
  • Having current photo ID (‘Proof of Age’ cards are not accepted), and
  • Having neat and fashionable dress. Most venues DO NOT ALLOW hats, beanies, singlets, thongs, runners, steel cap shoes, shorts, work clothes or fancy dress without prior arrangement. Mullet and ponytail hair styles are also not allowed at most night clubs. Please note that exposed tattoos are not allowed at some venues.

Offensive Guests

DONT ARRIVE drunk or under the influence of drugs of any kind or you will be refused entry. We reserve the right to exclude any person(s) from the bus if they become socially offensive and/or cause offence or inconvenience to others. We reserve the right to give your contact details to any person(s) making a complaint about any of your guests

Unforeseeable Events

Traffic, street access and other conditions are unpredictable. If your vehicle does not arrive as expected we will not be held liable


Your deposit becomes your bond and is refundable 14 days after the event provided their is no damage to the bus or business. The deposit in non refundable should you need to cancel however is transferable to another date within 12 months of the initial booking.

Bus Cleaning and/or Damage

If the bus requires cleaning beyond what would be normally expected (such as removing excessive spilt drink, party poppers, chewing gum or confetti), additional cleaning fees will apply. If the vehicle requires repairs as a result of your groups actions, you will be responsible for the cost of these repairs.

Minimum Number of Guests

Some packages are based on a minimum number of 20 passengers. In such cases, if the minimum number do not travel you must pay the balance amount.

Additional Time Penalty

Additional time should be planned. Unscheduled additional time that is a result of your groups actions is charged at rate of $120 per 30 minutes or part thereof.


Sometimes we have a host on the bus who takes photos. These photos are published on our web site or Social media by the following Wednesday. If you do not want these photos to be published on our web site or Social Media you must advise us prior to the event, during the event or prior to the Wednesday following your party. If you do not like any or all of your photos that are published, let us know and they will be removed.