Metropolitan Hotel: Your Newest Party Hopping Partner

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Metropolitan Hotel: Your Newest Party Hopping Partner

The fun here at Sydney Party Bus just upped to the next level! We’ve recently partnered with one of Sydney’s oldest pubs—Metropolitan Hotel!

Established in 1834, this pub has been a part of Sydney and has witnessed many of the significant events that had been held in the city for more than 8 decades now. It’s a perfect destination for those who want the feel of a traditional Australian pub. And despite the many years it has been through, Metropolitan Hotel has managed to stick to its simple and on-point vision of offering local beer, great food, and commendable service.

The new partnership of Sydney Party Bus with Metropolitan Hotel is ushering in a new era in party planning and transport. Those who are celebrating a special occasion and are eyeing a party-transport combo now have a new partner in ultimate party planning and event management. You can have your party in the pub’s top beer garden, which is located in its private roof top terrace overlooking Sydney.

And if you book with us and engage our services for planning your party, you no longer have to worry about the complex event details—we’ll take care of everything from booking the venue to organizing the event. And with our stylish party bus for your arrival to match the stylish location of your party, there really is nothing to beat this package.

Call us now at 1300 PARTY ON and book your event!

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