Anzac Day – Sydney Party Bus Pub Crawl!

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Anzac Day – Sydney Party Bus Pub Crawl!

It’s that time of year again where we want to party together for the best public holiday of the year and celebrate those who risked their lives for us!

Monday April 25th sets the scene to remember those who were willing to fight for us!

This event is open to the Sydney Party Bus family and the general public!

The itinerary for the day will go a little something like this..

We will be picking up all you party people from Fastlane at 10am, we will then head to Lockies hotel in Leppington for a little bit of 2up fun. We will then head to Narellan Hotel for a bite to eat and finish the day up at Camden Valley Inn for some Anzac Day drinking fun!

Dean Choma (Directors of Sydney Party Bus) will be your Tour guide for the day where games will be a must!

$50 per head will get you a seat on the Anzac Day Party Bus!


If you are interested in attending click attending on our Facebook event: Anzac Day Pub Crawl

So get excited, invite your friends, click attending so we can confirm numbers and make sure you bring money for 2up!

Hope to see you all there on the day to celebrate Anzac Day in style!

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